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Cross Country USA Magazine

P.O.Box 147

Kennedy, AL 35574


Phone: 205-596-4371

Fax: 205-596-4375


Office Hours

10am - 4pm Central

Monday - Friday




Press Releases / News Submissions

* Cross Country USA Magazine reserves the right to determine what items will be published.

(Items submitted may require verification.)


* Please submit all news items written clearly and grammatically correct.


* All items submitted should be copy ready. We do, however, reserve the right to edit for content, grammar and punctuation.


* All items must include a valid e-mail address, name of person submitting article, and phone number for verification


* Concert announcements and other advertisements will not be accepted as news items. Please contact our sales department for advertising rates and information.


* Please do not send document attachments (i.e. Word Documents or PDF files). All news items must be sent in the body of the e-mail or they will not be accepted.


* Photos accompanying news items may be sent as attachments with the e-mail if applicable.

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